Friday, October 9, 2009

Update Fri AM

Early this morning Edie showed enough progress that they disconnected the vent and yanked her hose (so to speak.) She is now alert - aware of her surroundings and resting comfortably. As usual with Edie, she is going to spend a couple days here. She is actually still in recovery (24 hours later) but they are going to get her to the nursing floor early afternoon. She is a tad disoriented - wasn't aware she had lost a day - and very very sleepy. She had a very tough day yesterday and is allowed to be sleepy. Good news is everything seems to be working and all the neurology reports are negative. The surgery also seems to have been a success. The team here followed their plan to a T. They believed her issues might be that anesthesia drugs leave her system slowly so the plan was simply to let that happen and not try to wake her up too soon. The length of time surprised them but the plan worked. Very happy she is here. Will keep everyone updated.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post surgery update

Well, the surgery went well but the anesthesia was a mess. Edie as of now (10 hours after surger) remains asleep and on a vent. She just hasn't woken up. The hope is that she will slowly clear all the anesthesia and wake up tomorrow. Everything looks ok neurologically so they are hopefull. Regardless, this has been unexpected and quite troubling. I will keep you posted.

Edie surgery today

Today Edie will have her gall bladder taken out - not a big deal. Her anesthesia issues are a big deal. Every step has been taken to prevent the same disaster as last time from occuring. So, we are hopeful. She will be spending time at the hospital instead of the usual outpatient routine to monitor for any reactions. Today1:04 pm EST. Thanks for prayers.