Friday, September 25, 2009

Edie update 09/25/09

Edie had some tests today - no results yet so no real news about what this may be. She remains comfortable and on ice chips and pain meds. She is cranky and ready to come home. She is convinced the house must be a mess and that the dog will die of sorrow without her. I showed her a picture of the dog on my phone which, unbelieveably, helped. They may have to tie her down if they don't come up with a solution soon because she is done laying in bed. Not her bag at all. That's it for tonight.


  1. Hi Tom :o).. Hope the mrs gets feelen better and able to come home soon...If you need a sitter or a dog keeper, I am here our dog would love the company and I would love the kids :o)...Love, Sandy 330-658-8970

  2. Still thinking of you guys and praying for Edie! Hope they can come up with a solution quick!! Love, Jennifer G