Thursday, September 24, 2009

Edie's Recovery

Early this morning Edie was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic with severe abdominal pain. Her Doctor is one of the top in the field and we are hopeful that he can come to a solution for this drawn out worsening situation. Last night they ruled out all the immediately life threatening kinds of things like heart attack etc. Beginning in the morning they will put her through a battery of tests (again) with the hope of narrowing it all down. I will update the summary of those findings when I have them. They were able to give her some good pain and nausea meds so she is resting comfortably. Her diet is limited to ice chips to try to settle everything down. Thanks everyone for caring and checking up on her. I will try to update this daily so you will feel informed. If you really want to call me you are welcome do so. Thanks to everyone who is praying and special thanks to the Windham gang for their wonderful freindship and assistance. Tom


  1. Thanks for doing this Tom, Aaron and I don't want to nag you for information so this helps. Seriously if you need AnYTHING, we are there for you. Lots of prayers already for Edie and your family.

  2. Bro-in-law~
    You are the best, and this is a brilliant way to keep everyone up to date. Praying for a miracle for my dear sister and that the doctors will finally figure out what's going on for her.


  3. I agree with Marianne and Jennifer. I'll try not to bother, but you'll be in our thoughts and prayers daily.