Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Edie update 09/29/09

Well good news bad news. Edie came home today - thats good news. We really missed her. Still sick though - not so good news. Turns out they did not find a surgical issue which is what they were looking for and sent her home to have her PCP take another crack at a diagnosis. That is also good news as we were very much wanting to avoid surgery. Her condition remains undiagnosed though - so that's not so good news. A few potential issues (though not ones that explain the issue) came up. 1. A potentially malignant growth. Should know in a few days. 2. Celiacs disease - should know soon.

Anyway - she is home for the time being and we hope continues to mend and be done with this whole thing. Thanks so much for praying, caring and helping. You all are very much loved. TJS

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